There’s smoke on the horizon.  It’s the Hart Fire.

The Hart Fire was initiated by lightening and now be managed as a controlled burn.

There are 45 personnel working it.  It is currently at 2,240 acres, and within a 12,000 acre burn planning area, 1.5 acres SW of Blue Ridge Reservoir.

Preparation on the west side was completed along Forest Road 139 onto the U-Bar Trail. On the east side prep was completed along the FR 321 – 321A roads, and hand line across Dane canyon to FR 145A road.

Another successful day on the Hart Fire. Fire lines have been continuing to hold on the west side 139B-139A-95-95D and the east side 96-321-9615P roads. This morning’s inversion lifted earlier with lower RH’s and increased winds. This caused more active fire behavior resulting an addition of resources, 1 IHC and 2 Engines. Ignitions from the previous night continued backing into the barber shop drainages with very good fire effects.