An invasive species of weeds, diffuse knapweed, has significantly infected the Starlight Pines Ranchettes and Moqui Ranchettes.  It is spread by vehicles along our roadways.  If it is not taken care of, it will consume our neighborhood and be extremely difficult to eradicate.

We have been approached by the Forest Service to help us submit a grant proposal to the Coconino County to enable us to purchase and spread an herbicide that attacks this species.  This herbicide is harmless to other weeds, trees, and animals.

After some quick surveys and just buffering all roads in both subdivisions by 50’ it comes up to about 80 acres of infestation/ treatment.    The main area that has the most is Moqui Drive and Morning View.  The cost estimates range from $100-300 per acre, at an estimated cost of $30,000.  The Forest Service recommends at least two treatments to knock it back.  What caused it to spread to all roads is grading or dragging the road.

The grant proposal to Coconino County is due August 30, 2019.

Starlight Pines Ranchettes HOA will be submitting a grant request to address this important issue.

Below is  an info sheet about Knapweed, and the grant proposal information.

Diffuse Knapweed Info Sheet

War Against Noxious Weeds

Grant Proposal due end month
Diffuse Knapweed