Have you heard that early morning ‘ker-chunk’.  No that’s not a technical term, it’s Dakota Logging.

Moqui Ranchettes is in the process of clearing burned trees and thinning the forest and landscape throughout the Moqui Ranchettes.  While they are working early hours, we have asked that they keep the noisy heavy saw cutting down to 6am to 6pm.  Dakota Logging crews will be cutting, clearing, and moving trees to improve the Moqui Ranchettes subdivision.  This process is expected to take approximately 6 weeks of continuous effort.  They will be knocking down trees with heavy equipment and manual chain saws, limbing trees, burning slash with an incinerator, and hauling away downed trees.

The project is being paid for by the Moqui Ranchettes Homeowners.

We have asked the crew to do an estimate in the Starlight Pines Ranchettes for the homeowners affected by the Tinder Fire.