I love it when a plan comes together.  We had 19 hard workers pitching in to clean and clear dead & downed trees along Eagle View Rd after the Tinder Fire.

It’s very heartfelt when a group of neighbors pulls together to help their community.  With no pay or compensation, neighbors, many of whom met for the first time, gave their time, hard labor, and heart to help those who were less fortunate and had their lots burned by the Tinder Fire.  The result was a lot of camaraderie, sore backs, and tired bodies for those that came to help… and a vast improvement in the curb appeal along Eagle View.

It felt amazing to be part of such a dedicated bunch of special people that gave back to their community.

Thanks to all those who came, and all those that wanted to but just weren’t able, for whatever reason.

Photos by Kathy Ritter, kritterspix.com