Let’s Help Our Neighbors!

It’s been a year since the Tinder Fire that ravaged our community and took 4 homes.

Many of the trees on our properties and in our forest have come back and are flourishing.
But many trees have not.  Particularly along Eagle View Road in the Ranchettes There are several vacant lots that could use some attention.
I would like to propose another Neighborhood Clean-up to clear some of the dead and down along the street to give it some more ‘curb appeal’.
While it will be the owners of those lots responsibility to completely clear their lots, I would just like to thin out some of the trees that APS had cut down, and some of the dead charred trees that line the road.
I have gotten permission from several of the lot owners to remove some of the burned trees.
I know everyone’s schedule is very busy, so I only want to propose 4 hours on 1 day, so as to not burden anyone too much.
I believe we live in the best community on the mountain, and it’s everyone of our neighbors who make it so.
The generosity of the Ranchettes in giving is unprecedented.
So I welcome anyone who would like to join John and I, and our trailer,
to JOIN US on Eagle View Road
July 27, Saturday
8am – Noon